Brooke Shields: Andre Agassi ‘Smashed Wimbledon Trophy’

Brooke Shields: Andre Agassi destroyed his Trophy

ANDRE Agassi’s ex-wife Brooke Shields has revealed what made the tennis star destroy all of his trophies, including his prized Wimbledon cup, in a fit of rage.

The actress and model said the incident happened following her 1995 cameo appearance in US sitcom Friends, the London Evening Standard reported.

The famous scene features Shields as a stalker who believes Joey (Matt le Blanc) is actually Doctor Drake Ramoray, whom he plays on TV. During a dinner date she licks his fingers and laughs wildly.

Quotes from the book, which were published in US magazine Globe, claim that Agassi was on the sound stage in Los Angeles as the action unfolded and said Shields had “made him look a fool”. He subsequently drove all the way back to his home in Las Vegas. “Upon arrival he systematically smashed and destroyed every single trophy he had won, including Wimbledon and the US Open,” Shields writes.

In the book, titled There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story Of Mother And Me, Shields says it took her three years to replace the shattered prizes.

The couple went on to marry in 1997, but divorced less than two years later.

However, Shields says she realised she had made a “mistake” as soon as the day after the wedding.

“I could not form a sentence. I kept shaking my head as if I had duct tape across my mouth. It hit me all of a sudden … I did not want to be married.”

In 2001 Shields married television writer Chris Henchy, with whom she has two children.

Agassi, who is an eight-time Grand Slam champion, married fellow tennis player Steffi Graff in the same year.