Brockton Basketball court : 3 Stabbed, 1 Fatally, During Massive Brawl

Brockton Basketball : 3 Stabbed, 1 Fatally, During Massive Brawl

One person was killed in a huge brawl after a basketball game in Brockton Wednesday evening, according to the mayor.

The fight broke out at about 6:30 p.m. Three teens were stabbed, one more seriously that the others. That teen was flown to an area hospital and later died of his injuries.

Over 50 police officers responded to the park.

Brockton’s mayor said patrols will be increased in the area and that officials “will not give up control of this playground.”

The investigation remains ongoing.

  • nodenial

    yep. them crazy violent white kids again

  • Zoie Ruch

    complaining about not enough police presence? really? if there had been a police officer there, all the people would be criticizing the police for being “Nazis” and “brutalizing” these “poor” knife wielding assailants. You cant have it both ways people. This is the one case where I cannot find any fault with the police, they cannot be everywhere at once