Bristol Palin’s fiance already wed?

Bristol Palin's fiance already wed?
Bristol Palin's fiance already wed?

Bristol Palin’s Medal of Honor fiance, 26, revealed to have ‘a secret wife’ he wed at just 19-years-old.

Radar reports Bristol Palin’s intended was once wedded to a Michigan woman named Cassandra Wain. According to the website, the official marriage license shows that the couple was married in Campbellsville, Kentucky, back in 2008.

Radar was unable to uncover any record of the two being legally divorced and indicates all documents about their union have been sealed.

The 24-year-old Palin and Meyer, a former U.S. Marine who in 2009 received a Medal of Honor, recently announced their engagement, though official dates for any planned ceremony were not given.

According to The Daily Beast, Bristol Palin has known controversy before after it was revealed she was paid at least $262,500 by the Candies Foundation to be its teen abstinence ambassador.

Palin already had a child out of wedlock when she began making appearances and giving statements on the foundation’s behalf.

Bristol Palin subsequently used her new found celebrity to land a spot on the show “Dancing With the Stars” and to command up to $30,000 for speaking appearances.

She was previously engaged to Levi Johnston, the father of her young son, but the two split up for a second time in 2010, just three weeks after announcing their plans to marry.

People later reported on the same day the two announced their engagement, Johnston told Palin he may have “gotten another woman pregnant.” Reports are he also appeared infatuated by the idea of landing a reality TV show and living in the limelight.

Sarah Palin ran for vice president on the Republican ticket in 2008, where she and presidential candidate John McCain were toppled by now president Barack Obama.

Since then she has hinted at a presidential run and has been a TV pundit with Fox News.