Brian Daboll happy to “jump right into it” with Josh Allen this year – (News)

Brian Daboll happy to “jump right into it” with Josh Allen this year –

The Bills didn’t know who their starting quarterback would be when they started offseason work last year.

Nathan Peterman remained from the 2017 team, AJ McCarron joined the team in free agency and they drafted Josh Allen in the first round, which meant they were splitting up work with the first team among a variety of players. Allen wound up finishing the season as both the starter and the only member of the trio on the team, which sets up a very different offseason this time.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said he thought that Allen improved across the board over the course of his rookie season and having “the ability to jump right into it” this offseason is something that sets the stage for even more growth.

“You can’t coach experience,” Daboll said, via Matthew Fairbun of The Athletic. “There’s a lot of things we have to get better at no question about it. But to be able to have a baseline, again learning the language, learning a playbook is like learning a new language for the most part. You come from one system and go to the next. You call this formation this, but we call it this. You call this protection this, but we call it this. You have to learn. That takes time to learn, too, and then to apply all of the applications to it. At least we have a baseline to start from.”

Daboll said he saw “steady progression” from Allen as a rookie and more of the same would be welcome as Buffalo looks to make sure he’s the right quarterback to build around as they plow through the mountains of cap space they’ve accumulated for the next two seasons.