Brian Cushing eager to get to work as a strength coach for the Texans – (News)

Brian Cushing eager to get to work as a strength coach for the Texans –

Brian Cushing is the all-time leading tackler in Houston Texans history, but he was known almost as much for his offseason work as his on-field work. That was true in both a good way — he’s been known for an intense weight room work ethic since high school, when he worked out with the great trainer Joe DeFranco — and in a bad way, as Cushing was twice suspended for violating the league’s PED policy.

Now Cushing will have a new role with the Texans, joining the team as a strength and conditioning coach.

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Cushing told the Houston Chronicle. “I’m very passionate about the Houston Texans, the city of Houston and I’m ready to get back to work. I spent my entire career here. To be around the sport and still be here, it’s very motivating. The things I learned over the years, it’s a very mentally and physically tough game. I learned a lot in almost a decade. Anything I can pass down and let them know what to expect. A lot of guys come in bright-eyed and don’t really know what is going on in kind of all facets of life. It’s very exciting to pass on any knowledge and experience I have and try to help them. I want them to grasp the opportunity they have and realize how unbelievable a job you have.”

After his playing career ended, Cushing wanted to do something that would allow him to stay around the sport he loves.

“It’s obviously been my passion for my entire life, but I kind of came to a realization that this is something I would have to adjust to quickly,” Cushing said. “I wanted to be back around the game as quickly as possible. I had gone back and forth on my thoughts and options. You know when something just feels right.”

Being a Texan feels right for Cushing, whether as a player or a coach.