Breastfeeding In Bathroom : Dad Supports Breastfeeding Wife in Head-Turning Photo

Breastfeeding In Bathroom : Dad Supports Breastfeeding Wife in Head-Turning Photo

Breastfeeding in Bathroom Photo Goes Viral.

Even the least germ-phobic among us would probably balk at chowing down on a meal while sitting in a stall of a public restroom. But that’s what some moms who have been shamed over nursing their babies in public do all the time. Now a photo-collage by an Israeli woman is sparking plenty of conversation about how mothers are forced into gross situations just to meet their infant’s basic needs.

In the image on the left side of the collage, Tamar Shugert, a 28-year-old mother of two who is also a professional photographer pretends to feed her baby in a bathroom stall. At the same time, in the picture on the right an unhappy-looking man (Shugert’s husband Daniel) in the next stall pretends to devour a plate of pasta.

The caption to this photo reads: “If you are not willing to eat your lunch in the bathroom, then don’t expect me to feed my kid there.” Well said!

Tamar posted this photo on the Facebook page for 52 Frames, an online community of photographers sharing their work. Only it quickly spread beyond this small group. Pro-breastfeeding groups applauded the photo, at least at first. Only when Tamar made a seemingly innocent comment that she thinks moms should consider covering up while breastfeeding in public — as she did with her two sons — the pro-breastfeeders turned on her.

“The ‘uncovered’ breastfeeders really took offense to that,” she recalls. “Some pointed out that that breasts shouldn’t be sexual. But in my mind, they are! I only want my husband seeing them. That’s my choice, and I’m disappointed that I was attacked for that.”

Eventually the Facebook comments turned so vicious she stopped reading them entirely. But the experience opened her eyes to the fact that some pro-breastfeeders could be just as intolerant as people who think moms should nurse in bathrooms.

“Telling me to go breastfeed in a bathroom is an extreme one way,” she points out. “But opening your shirt and whipping out your breast in front of someone trying to enjoy their spaghetti is another extreme. A good compromise is nursing covers, which give moms who breastfeed the very freedom they’re after.”

Shugert hopes this photo — as well as others she takes (like her “Da Vinci mom” pic above) — convinces people that we all could become more tolerant and willing to compromise, whatever our stance.

“If we want to get to a place where we’re all living in harmony, then everyone should be willing to give and take,” she says.