Brandon Spikes confused by Aaron Hernandez guilty verdict – Details

Brandon Spikes confused by Aaron Hernandez guilty verdict - Details

Brandon Spikes ‘confused about the justice system’ after Aaron Hernandez verdict.

Spikes played with Hernandez at the University of Florida, and both were drafted by the Patriots in 2010 — Spikes in the second round and Hernandez in the fourth. Spikes now is preparing for his second season with the Bills after the Patriots elected not to re-sign him following the 2013 season.

Minutes after Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd, Spikes tweeted: IM CONFUSED ABOUT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM THESE DAYS !!!

  • dv727

    Let me clear up any “confusion”–a now-former NFL athlete was accused of killing someone under one or more theories. He was charged. He went to trial, with several attorneys assisting him, no less. A jury of citizens chosen by those lawyers and the lawyers representing the government received evidence, and reached the conclusion (that’s “verdict” for anyone outside the realm of professional sports) he did it. A Judge sentenced him.
    Not rocket science, or even an elementary defensive scheme.
    I’m confused about Brandon Spikes idiocy. I also have concerns over his illiteracy, but the “tweet” has his name attached.

  • Coby

    What is he confused about. The guy is a thug and he f’d up. It is this exact attitude that gets them in trouble. Nobody is above the law. Is he confused that his friend is a murderer. How stupid.

  • James Loney

    He is confused because he has the intelligence of a wet rock. Spikes is the guy who said that playing for Bill Belichick and the Patriots was the same as slavery. He is a certified idiot.

  • jonitreo

    This guy is additional proof that a person can play football and be stupid at the same time.

    • James Loney

      I dont think we needed additional proof to confirm that theory

  • Stephen Tkacs

    Spikes also tweeted, “DONT TEXT MY PHONE !!!!” Apparently, many things confuse this guy.

  • MrsFreeman

    …And I am equally confused about the ethics of NFL PLAYERS these days…

  • Randy Mccloud

    Let me clear this up for you Brandon…HE KILLED A PERSON, possibly THREE people. I hope that helps.

  • Paul Foxoff

    Another thug from the NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE…

  • jon

    wow hes as dumb as he looks

  • carlos

    Spikes just got Arron confused with O.J. Hernandez

  • Hugo

    To many hits to the head


    I’m sure he also thinks that Bill Cosby is still an upstanding, grandfatherly type guy, and that his 38 accusers are all lying. He needs an even 40.

  • Polish Prince

    He’s a linebacker…not a rocket scientist