Brandi Glanville Dumped : ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star boyfriend dumped her over e-mail

Updated: December 9, 2014
Brandi Glanville Dumped : 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Star boyfriend dumped her over e-mail

Brandi Glanville DUMPED Via Email? The reality star tweeted over the weekend that her boyfriend dumped her via email because she refused to put him ahead of her sons Mason and Jake.

“My boyfriend just broke up with me via email because I said my kids will always be my first priority…NYC here I come,” she said.

However, Brandi’s relationship isn’t the only one that’s reportedly over, because friendship with cast mate Lisa Vanderpump is done for good too.

Fans were hoping that Brandi Glanville and Lisa would manage to reconcile in the new season of RHOBH after their huge fall out during season five, but Brandi recently hinted that there was no longer a chance that she and Lisa would ever be friends again, Daily Mail reported.

“I thought there was a chance, but I guess not… You’ll see it all unfold. Filming felt like it was living in a soap opera,'” she said.

If the first three episodes of the season were any indication, then it seems like a lot more will have to happen on both Brandi and Lisa’s behalf to make a friendship work again.

Here’s to hoping that Brandi Glanville manages to find a new love, who’s willing and ready to partake in her and her kids’ lives, and new lasting friendships in 2015.