Brady Quinn Calls Out TMZ For ‘Fake Report’

Brady Quinn Calls Out TMZ For Fake Report
Brady Quinn Calls Out TMZ For Fake Report

TMZ’s “exclusive” that Quinn said he would have made more money playing baseball instead of football has disappeared from the website.

No one would have minded much if Brady Quinn had told TMZ he wishes he’d played baseball instead of football. Unlike the NFL, MLB lacks a salary cap and a concussion epidemic. Add to the fact that signing bonuses are guaranteed and coming out on the other end of your college career as an NFL prospect is far from certain, the smart money is in baseball. But it turns out that, according to Quinn, he didn’t say this.

“It was a blessing and a dream of mine to be able to play professional football,” Quinn apparently didn’t tell TMZ, “but I would have had a much longer career and made a lot more money if I had gone the baseball route. There’s a lot more money in baseball.”

TMZ has since deleted the post containing these quotes.

In seven years in the NFL, Quinn earned $10,927,102. The average MLB player earns $4 million a year, so if Brady Quinn had been an average MLB player with a career similar in length to his stint in professional football, he would have easily eclipsed his football earnings. But there numerous variables here, including the likelihood that Quinn would have spent a few years earning a minor league salary before making it to the pros. Of course, Quinn’s baseball ability is the biggest unknown here, so it’s hard to speculate on just how much money he might have earned as a baseball player. But if we assume that, for the purposes of argument, he was exactly as good at baseball as he was at football, then there’s no doubt that MLB is the better route, financially.

Adding to the weirdness is the fact that Quinn does color commentary for Fox Sports 1, which has recently entered an agreement with TMZ Sports. So it shouldn’t have been too difficult for TMZ to get this right.

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