Bradley Wiggins : British cyclist breaks hour record at London velodrome

Bradley Wiggins : British cyclist breaks hour record at London velodrome

Bradley Wiggins, the first British victor in the Tour de France and a medal winner at four Olympics, Sunday traveled 54.526 kilometers (33.881 miles) in an hour, comfortably setting a world record.

Bradley Wiggins, the 2012 Tour de France winner, said: “The elation you feel is always the same after any race: there is relief and satisfaction that I have broken it and it’s all over.

“I was confident I could do it but there’s always that element of doubt until the fat lady sings.

“I hope it will deter people or maybe other riders will think twice about taking it. That has raised the bar now.

“But in a way, I’d like somebody to attack the record. Even if they fail, it would give kudos to my record.

“I didn’t compete here at the Olympics but the noise was phenomenal. I’m satisfied I executed my performance.”

Riding a £10k aerodynamic superbike, which had been designed by Jaguar, Wiggins the 35-year-old began the attempt at a blistering speed in front of 6,000 fans.

After the 10-minute mark, he was 25 seconds up on Dowsett’s mark. After 15 minutes, he had increased his lead to 39 seconds.

By the halfway point his time was 29 minutes 56 seconds – 73 seconds up on schedule – and, given that he kept his discipline throughout the second half, there was little danger of him failing.

When he won, he lifted his bike above his head in celebration and kissed his wife and two children.

The only downside to the whole day was the fact he broke the record…clean shaven.

Bradley Wiggins laughed: “They talked me into getting rid of the beard – and I wasn’t happy about that. I feel naked without it.

“How will I celebrate? By standing up for a start. I’m struggling to sit down at present!”