Brad Culpepper : Ex-NFL Star Sued By Insurance Over Workers’ Comp Claim

Brad Culpepper : Ex-NFL Star Sued By Insurance Over Workers' Comp Claim

Brad Culpepper, A former NFL player being sued by his insurance company after he took part in Survivor even though he has a disability rating says he was able to get through the show with ‘pain medication’.

Several years ago, Brad Culpepper won a $175,000 workers comp claim for permanent disabilities caused by injuries suffered while playing the NFL. The insurance company found it interesting that, after taking the money, Culpepper popped up on the show Survivor looking anything but disabled (via ABC):

According to a civil lawsuit,Brad Culpepper told doctors of “low back pain and stiffness which is almost always present,” and said he had “quite a bit of difficulty… getting into or out of the bath and performing heavy activities around his home.”

Yet, on the Survivor episode, aired in 2013 and filmed on a remote island in the Philippines, Culpepper leads his team through a series of strenuous tasks: paddling a canoe, diving under water repeatedly, retrieving large crates and stacking them on the shore.

In an interview with ABC, Brad Culpepper claims he had a back procedure shortly before appearing on Survivor and was on pain medication during filming. The insurance company says Culpepper “willfully and deceptively provided false information” to doctors in order to claim his cash.