Boy banned for Pogba haircut (Picture)

Boy banned for Pogba haircut (Picture)
Boy banned for Pogba haircut (Picture)

Boy, 13, banned from school for his elaborate Paul Pogba copycat haircut ‘unless he shaves off hair’.

A 13-year-old Gainsborough boy has allegedly been told not to return to school next week unless he changes his hair style.

Benjamin Piper was looking forward to getting stuck back into the new term at Gainsborough Academy after the summer break and had decided to get a new hairdo for the occasion.

He and his mother, Tracy Piper, went to the barbers on Thursday and were happy with the boy’s new look.

But when they returned home, Tracy said her husband mentioned that the school might not be happy with Benjamin’s new “patterned” style.

Tracy said: “My husband said ‘will the school accept that?’ so I checked the school’s website and nowhere does it say they can’t have patterns or lines – it just says no bright colours.

“So I thought I better take him into school to double check and I explained my husband’s concerns to the receptionist and asked if she thought it would be OK and she looked at him and said ‘probably not’.

“Then the teacher came down and before I even spoke he said ‘we’re not having that’.

“I was shocked and angry. I tried to say it’s not his hair that learns it’s him.”

Tracy said the teacher told her that her son was not to return on Monday unless he had his hair shaved off – otherwise he would have to spend the next few months in isolation, or find another school.

She said: “I’m not going to send him in on Monday. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“Benjamin’s really upset about it. He’s been looking forward to going back since two weeks into the summer holidays.”