Boss Breast Surgery – Video : Boss offers employee boob job

Boss Breast Surgery - Video : Boss offers employee boob job
Boss Breast Surgery - Video : Boss offers employee boob job

The founder of the Austin-based Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill chain is catching all kinds of heat on social media after an appearance last night on the CBS network’s “Undercover Boss.”

The episode featured a company called Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, where all the waitresses and bartenders are required to wear a bikini top and jean shorts. The CEO Doug Guller even trademarked the term “breastaurant” and says the company’s four values are booze, food, sports, and sex.

In the first segment, Doug shadowed a bartender who was wearing a t-shirt during her shift. When asked why she wasn’t wearing a bikini, she said she didn’t feel comfortable wearing it on television. She also confided in him (while he was undercover) that this position is a temporary one as she is a logistics expert who worked at a company that went bankrupt. She is looking for a new job, but is bartending at the moment to support herself. She was ultimately fired at the end for not wearing her bikini top and lacking passion for the company.

In another segment, Doug shadowed one of the waitresses. Throughout the shift, the waitress constantly was on her phone and would walk away from customers when she would get a call. She revealed that she has been working for the company for three years and has been fired four to five times already for showing up to work late as she doesn’t like her bosses. She also said at one point that she would like to get bigger boobs to fill out her bikini. Ultimately at the end she was rewarded with a promotion and the promise that if she doesn’t get caught with her phone for six months, the CEO will pay for her breast augmentation.

Fans are outraged that the company would reward an employee who wasn’t up to par by giving her a boob job of all things, but would fire an employee who felt uncomfortable having her body exploited on television.