Bob Harper on Today Show Interview: “I Was Dead” (Watch)

Bob Harper on Today Show Interview:
Bob Harper on Today Show Interview: "I Was Dead" (Watch)

‘The Biggest Loser’ Star Bob Harper Opens Up About Nearly Fatal Heart Attack on ‘Today’.

Harper, known to TV viewers as the motivating physical trainer on weight-loss reality competition “The Biggest Loser”, unexpectedly suffered a heart attack on Feb. 12, so severe that it left him unconscious for two days.

In a preview of the interview — the first he’s given since his heart attack — Harper admits the health scare has left him feeling unsettled, as it was apparently the result of genetics; Harper has a family history of heart disease, with his mother’s death the result of a heart attack.

“I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster,” Harper says. “I’ve had to work on my meditation and just really take care of myself in any and every way I can during this process. I try to stay positive.”

Ironically, the top fitness trainer was actually in the middle of a workout when he collapsed, and he describes the experience as “the scariest day of my life.”