Bob Dylan Private Concert : Watch singer perform a concert for an audience of one

Updated: December 14, 2014
Bob Dylan Private Concert : Watch singer perform a concert for an audience of one

Bob Dylan Perform Private Concert for One Lucky Superfan, The special show took place as part of a Swedish film series called Experiment Alone. The concert video called ‘The Lonely Meeting’ and exclusive imagery has been released today for the Swedish audiences only.

In the video, Bob Dylan diehard Frederik Wikingsson walks around New York’s Greenwich Village before the show, drawing parallels between seeing Dylan in the tiny coffee shops he performed at in the sixties with what he was about to experience.

Shortly before the show, in what appears to be a hallway inside the Academy of Music, Wikingsson tells a producer he feels nervous.
“It’s weird, but I almost feel sick,” Wikingsson says. “I’ve never had a moment in my life when so much has been on the line. If he were to notice me and somehow face me, it would be life-changing, somehow.”

During the concert, in which Dylan runs through a series of covers, including Buddy Holly’s “Heartbeat,” Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill,” Chuck Wills’ “It’s Too Late (She’s Gone),” and blues standard “Key To The Highway,” Wikingsson sits in rapt attention, the expressions on his face changing rapidly from one song to the next.

Wikingsson tells Experiment Ensam that when Dylan played a harmonica solo during “It’s Too Late,” he nearly started crying.

“I feel like a kid,” Wikingsson said while sitting in the lobby after the show, drained.

Two weeks later, a producer of Experiment Ensam asks Wikingsson the key question of the series – whether or not he would have enjoyed the show more with other people in attendance.

“I’m both grateful and happy that I was the only one there,” Wikingsson explains. “But once I stepped out of the theater, all confused and dizzy, it could have been more intense if I had someone to share it with. In that way, I’m torn about the experience.”