Blue Moon, killings linked? Triple Murder May Have Been Related To Witchcraft “Watch”

Blue Moon, killings linked? Police suspect witchcraft link behind triple homicide in Florida

A triple homicide in Florida is being investigated as a possible ritualistic killing connected to the recent blue moon, a sheriff said Tuesday.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan says they’ve identified a person of interest in the July 28 deaths of 77-year-old Voncile Smith, 49-year-old Richard Smith and 47-year-old John Smith.

According to WALA, officials say the person of interest is a man “with ties to witchcraft.”

Morgan says the positioning of the bodies and the method of the killings — slit throats and beaten with a claw hammer — led investigators to believe it was “ritualistic.”

The bodies were discovered Friday in their Pensacola-area home.

The blue moon is a rare occurrence of a second full moon in a month. It occurred on July 31, three days after the victims were killed. But the sheriff didn’t explain the discrepancy.