Bill O’Reilly to Emily Steel : ‘I am coming after you with everything I have’

Bill O'Reilly to Emily Steel : 'I am coming after you with everything I have'

Bill O’Reilly is being accused of embellishing stories of his experiences covering the Falklands War. Emily Steel, A New York Times reporter is investigating the story, and now O’Reilly is threatening, if he does not approve of the way she covers the story, he will retaliate against her, USAToday reports.

“I am coming after you with everything I have,” O’Reilly told Emily Steel, according to the reporter’s The New York Times article. “You can take it as a threat.”

A story published in Mother Jones magazine and comments from former CBS News colleagues suggest that Mr O’Reilly embellished his vantage point of the conflict, though the Fox News host staunchly denies those charges. A former NBC News bureau chief has stood behind Mr O’Reilly.

The conflict is based on Mr O’Reilly’s account in a 2001 book that he reported from active war zones. During the Falklands War, Mr O’Reilly was reporting from Buenos Aires, some 1,200 miles from where the war was raging.

The host said last week that he never claimed to have reported from the Falkland Islands, but that he covered violent protests in Buenos Aires during the war. Some former colleagues on Monday said he was embellishing the riots.

While on the phone with Times reporter Emily Steel, Mr O’Reilly said if he felt her reporting was inaccurate, “I am coming after you with everything I have. You can take it as a threat.”

Fox News has stood behind their man, releasing a statement that said “Fox News Chairman and C.E.O. Roger Ailes and all senior management are in full support of Bill O’Reilly.”

Mr O’Reilly’s Falklands War coverage has struck a chord in the media as the questions have surfaced just weeks after NBC suspended Brian Williams for six months without pay after it was revealed that he lied about being aboard a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003.