BASE jumper dies after parachute mishap – Details

Updated: May 9, 2015
BASE jumper dies after parachute mishap - Details

A 73-year-old BASE jumper died Thursday while leaping off a bridge in Twins Falls, Idaho, into Snake River after his parachute deployed too late, local authorities said.

Officials said the experienced jumper was killed when he struck the water, reporting his cause of death “as blunt force trauma”.

Those with the 73-year-old retrieved his body from the river and brought him ashore.

The rescuers took turns performing CPR on James E. Hickey but when paramedics arrived they pronounce him dead, said a spokesperson for the local sheriff’s office.

it is still unclear as to why the parachute deployed so late, given that Mr Hickey is believed to have been involved in hundreds of similar jumps since he took up the sport a decade ago.

The Perrine Bridge is popular spot for BASE jumpers in the US.

Mr Hickey’s death however is the second so far this year at the site.

The bridge is about 500 feet above the river.