Barkley Rioters Scumbags – Listen: Former NBA Star Charles Barkley calls Ferguson looters ‘scumbags’

Barkley Rioters Scumbags - Listen: Charles Barkley calls Ferguson looters 'scumbags'

Barkley Calls Ferguson Rioters ‘Scumbags’; Pro-basketball analyst Charles Barkley, whose career on and off the court has been marked by controversy, came down on the side of the Ferguson grand jury in their decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

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NBA great Charles Barkley undoubtedly lost some fans and gained some more recently, when he said the grand jury got it right in declining to indict Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown and labeled looters “scumbags.”

“The true story came out from the grand jury testimony,” the Hall of Fame forward told radio host Mike Missanelli last week on Philadelphia’s sports radio station The Fanatic.

Noting that several black witnesses corroborated Wilson’s version of events, saying Brown attacked him and went for his gun, Barkley accused the press of using dubious information to inflame passions.

“I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore,” the former Philadelphia 76er said. “And that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because [the media] love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that. They never do that when black people kill each other. ”

Barkley called those who reacted to the decision by rioting “scumbags.”

“There is no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses, burning down police cars,” he said.

And unlike protesters who have likened police in minority neighborhoods to an occupying force, Barkley said the black community owes a debt of gratitude to cops.

“[W]e have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods,” he said. “We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad…. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?”

Barkley’s words were in sharp contrast to the actions of several current athletes. On Sunday, St. Louis Rams football players Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens and Kenny Britt took the field and raised their hands in homage to the “hands up, don’t shoot,” rallying cry of Michael Brown supporters.

But Barkley has always spoke his mind, often going against the grain. In 2013, Barkley said he agreed with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., in another case that inflamed racial tensions.

  • Zhang Yu Rong

    Good for Mr. Barkely. It’s really a shame that Wilson’s career was destroyed by criminals, a couple of bad parents, and a bunch of high profile people who’s paychecks are generated by racial strife.

    Now – Can we move on and stop wasting our energy on this Ferguson drama? While the media focuses on this non-sense, the US economy is burning. Many of our citizens have had their jobs taken away along with their health insurance. The middle class is shrinking and its not getting any better.

    Obama has destroyed our economy. Everyone is under-employed and can’t afford to live. We must now purchase health insurance we cannot afford and do not want or need (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $12/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private-enterprise!)

    When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”?

    Officer Wilson did his job. The criminal (Michael Brown) defiantly disregarded the law and orders in a physical confrontation. I’m sorry he had to die, but he should have realized the risk involved with attacking a police officer after committing a robbery!

    Darren, the city of Ferguson doesn’t deserve you. Good luck buddy.

  • Public Jeremiad

    While I can certainly appreciate Charles Barkley’s stance on both issues, he has furthered the media exposure of the most recent incident. His position, publicly, is no different than the Congress members or the Rams that showed dissent for the shooting. These public figures need to check themselves and realize the greater good. Keep your opinions to yourself, and certainly do not get in front of a camera. While Barkley supports the officer, in contrast the others support the opposite. While I was not present for this unfortunate incident, police officers are taught the definition of deadly force and when it applies. The officer felt his life was in danger, right? Of course, that is why he shot Brown six times including two head shots. To Mr, Barkley, thank you for your position and your right of free speech. But if you want to really take a stand, instead of name calling (scumbags) why don’t you address the bigger picture? Talk to Sharpton, the 5 Rams football players or the 4 members of Congress and their actions?