Baltimore Woman Sues Mayor for Violent Toilet Explosion “Details”

Baltimore Woman Sues Mayor for Violent Toilet Explosion - Details

Baltimore Woman Sues Mayor After Being Thrown During Toilet Explosion.

Angela Wright’s lawsuit, filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court in February for the incident that took place in November 2014, claims she experienced emotional and physical anguish and damage to her home due to the explosion. It also detailed how the West Baltimore resident was using the bathroom when the toilet backed up and blew her off “with great force and violence,” causing serious injuries to her head and body.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Wright, who claimed the incident led to a “loss of enjoyment of her usual pursuits and pastimes,” was covered in feces due to her toilet exploding.

Aside from suing the mayor and the City Council, she’s also sewing contractors Spiniello Companies Inc. and Heitkamp Inc. for repairing the sewage system connected to her home in a “negligent manner.”

Wright is seeking $75,000 from each defendant, totaling $225,000. No court date has been scheduled.