Atlanta is already angling for another Super Bowl – (News)

Atlanta is already angling for another Super Bowl –

Rarely if ever does a city, in the aftermath of hosting a Super Bowl, declare “nah, we’re good” on the subject of whether that city wants to host another NFL championship game.

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Sports Council president Dan Corso said that his group has submitted to the NFL a “letter of interest” to host the 2025 (LIX), 2026 (LX), or 2027 (LXI) Super Bowl.

The league already has determined the sites of the next five Super Bowls. LIV will be played in Miami next year, LV goes to Tampa, LVI will land in Los Angeles, LVII will be played in Arizona, and LVIII will happen in New Orleans.

Las Vegas surely will enter the mix at some point, and there’s a belief that (eventually) the rotation will consist of L.A., Miami, New Orleans, and Las Vegas, with a wild-card city like Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, etc. getting roughly every fifth Super Bowl.

In 2017, the NFL ditched the traditional bidding process, shifting instead to a procedure that consists of approaching a target city. This avoids the frustration that flows from preparing a formal bid and losing to another city.