Atari dump : Game Over’ excavation documentary is coming to Xbox Nov. 20

Atari dump : Game Over' excavation documentary is coming to Xbox Nov. 20

Atari Video Game Dump Documentary Coming to Xbox Live on November 20, touching on the ascendancy and downfall of the once-ubiquitous video gaming company, and mainly on the game that many believe tanked Atari’s fortunes, and with it the broader industry. Specifically, Atari: Game Over

The documentary covers the history of the game which was set to make Atari and their games consoles blow up, instead they plumeted thanks to the game E.T. Extra Terrestrial being an absolutely terrible game. Stuck with thousands of unsold cartridges, Atari had no choice but to dump the games in a landfill site, something which decades later will make headline news when the site was excavated to see if they can find the hidden burial ground.

The documentary was set to be one of the first of many releases under the Xbox Entertainment Studios, but unfortunately due to a vast restructuring of Microsoft’s divisions the company decided to axe the studio completely.

  • Jay Grawn

    My kids used to play the Atari game ET the extraterrestrial years ago. I has got to be the dumbest game ever created, and my kids would play it because they could never figure it out. They always thought they were doing something wrong, and that sooner or later the “light bulb” would go on and they would finally understand what the game was all about. Little did they know, there was nothing to find! The joke was on them!

  • Nonscpo

    Id love to watch that documentary but I refuse to buy an Xbox One just to watch it!