Ashley Graham : The First Plus-Size Woman In Sports Illustrated Is In An Ad – Watch

Ashley Graham : The First Plus-Size Woman In Sports Illustrated Is In An Ad - Watch

Ashley Graham stars in a new campaign for Swimsuits for All, The 26-year-old, size 16 model from Lincoln, Nebraska, features in a new ad campaign for a plus size swimwear brand “Swimsuits For All.” However, there are many people who are wondering is she is actually “plus-sized,” as claimed.

Ashley Graham has not only starred in the new #CurvesinBikinis ad campaign but also shot a video for the same. The short video, which can be seen below, shows Ashley Graham walking stylishly towards three topless men on the beach. She shows off her curves for the men by turning around and even bending. The men look in awe as Graham struts her stuff. They jump out of their sun beds and throw themselves in water as she gets close to them.

The video shows Ashley Graham in a black halter neck two-piece bikini that shows off her curves. In the end, she takes off her bikini top and throws it inside the water with a mysterious smile on her face. Ashley Graham covers her naked breasts with one hand as the video concludes. The You Tube page, where the video is posted, has many people commenting if Graham can actually be called “plus-sized” as she has a good “hip and waisy ratio” with a beautiful “thin-looking” face. Most people say she looks like a “normal” woman with curves.

“If she is plus-size, then what is normal? That looks like a normal beautiful everyday woman,” asks Joshua Hedgecock on the You Tube Page. Another person, who goes by the name Empty0Set, says that Graham’s face is not only “symmetric and balanced,” it is also “thin.” According to the critic, Graham’s face “could easily fit on the body of the sort of size zero model.”

There are other people who are objecting on the use of “extremely thin” and “photoshopped,” muscular male models in the campaign. Most people wanted that the men used in the advert should have had at least “some fat” on their bodies.