Arsène Wenger still game after 1000 match days

Arsène Wenger still game after 1000 match days
Arsène Wenger still game after 1000 match days

Arsene Wenger is set to mark his 1000th game in charge of Arsenal, a period that has included two league and cup doubles, as well an unbeaten season that saw them lift another English Premier League title in 2004.

During his tenure with the club he has sometimes split opinions, but having brought new training methods to England and the Gunners’ most successful period in the club’s history, he has garnered many an admirer during his 17 years at the club.

Since arriving in 1996 to questions of ‘Arsene Who?’, the Frenchman has transformed not just his own club but English football as a whole.

He has won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, reached one Champions League final.

He created one of the greatest side’s English football has ever seen in the 2004 title-winning ‘Invincibles’.

But despite all that, he insists his hunger for perfection hasn’t and never will be totally satisfied.

“My love for people, players and for the game and my excitement for the next game is the secret of my longevity,” he said yesterday.

“Maybe I run off the idea of making the players perfect, having the ideal game, the perfect game.

“I run after that happiness week after week. Sometimes you touch it a little bit, but of course it goes again and you fight to get it again.

“Unfortunately there is a lot of suffering as well in 1000 games and what is for sure is what you want is the next moment of happiness.

“You’re always expecting the next game and the next game hopefully will be a moment of happiness.”

Jenn Minsker