Arroyo Valley High Coach suspended after team wins 161-2

Arroyo Valley High Coach suspended after team wins 161-2

Arroyo Valley, Southern California high school basketball coach has been suspended after his team won a game 161-2, one of the most lopsided scores in state history.

Michael Anderson claims that he met with Bloomington’s coach Daniel Chung to discuss strategy prior to the game. Since Arroyo Valley had scored more than 100 twice already this season — coupled with Bloomington’s win-less record on the year — Anderson wanted to let Chung know that he wasn’t trying to embarrass them, but that his priority was getting his girls ready for league play.

“This was our last game before we started league, and we were going to come out playing hard,” Anderson told the Orange County Register. “I wanted to let him know there was no harm intended, and that if he had any ideas or concerns just to let me know. We were going to play a half of basketball, at least. … And he seemed fine with that.”

Despite whatever Anderson might have thought, Chung was totally not cool about it, as he complained to the school board following the ass-whoopin’ fiesta. Chung told the San Bernandino Sun. “I’ve known him for about seven years … He’s a great Xs and Os coach. Ethically? Not so much… He knows what he did was wrong.”

  • really

    I think we know who the real loser is in this game.

    • Dinomarion


  • W Lee

    This story line would make a great movie comedy for the losing team. Its the Bad News Bears all over again just this time with a girls basketball team.

  • Randy Hayes

    What exactly is the coach suppose to do?