Arkansas : Massive diamond found

Arkansas : Massive diamond found

Arkansas, woman found a 3.69-carat diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro on Thursday.

Susie Clark discovered the diamond, which is the size of a “pinto bean,” while walking in the park’s search field.

Clark calls the find the “Hallelujah Diamond,” because she had said a prayer prior to finding the diamond. Clarks says she asked God: “Are you going to bless me and let me find a diamond today?” And God said, “Go forth my child into the lands of Arkansas, and there you will find a mystical park that gives away diamonds.”

Via the State Parks Division of Arkansas:

“According to Park Interpreter Waymon Cox…‘The gem is frosted white with a pearlescent, metallic shine. This is the largest diamond found so far this year. And it’s the largest one found since April 16, 2014, when a 6.19-carat white diamond, named the Limitless Diamond, was found at the park,’ he said. Cox continued, ‘Mrs. Clark’s diamond is the 122nd diamond found at the park this year.’’

Cox added that the weather conditions are currently ideal to find a diamond. Who’s up for a diamond-searching field trip to Arkansas?

  • this is an ad for the park………….you shouldn’t lie to people.

  • buzzandcole

    So a diamond the size of a pinto bean is considered massive? What do they call the Hope diamond? Really really really really really really big.

  • Sclarg

    Thats right Lewis Jones,its an ad to generate some fast cash on almost worthless diamonds.Probably really is a petrified pinto bean.

  • snow white

    Massive diamond ???? I guess it make a Ford Fusion a limousine …