Antonio Brown: “NFL Player” debuts cleats featuring his kids’ faces

Updated: September 29, 2016
Antonio Brown: NFL Player debuts cleats featuring his kids' faces

Antonio Brown wore special cleats Sunday, shoes that bore the faces of his children because, he explained, they’re “the four reasons I lace them up every day.”

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown wore baby-blue cleats with the faces of his four children during the first half of Pittsburgh’s 34-3 loss to the Eagles on Sunday. The images of children Antonio Jr., Autonomy, Ali and Antanyiah are “the four reasons I lace them up every day,” Brown wrote on Twitter with an picture of the cleats.

As Brown returned to the field before the second half Sunday, a referee reportedly forced him to change shoes or sit the rest of the game. So Brown put on regular white cleats in an incident he confirmed on his weekly radio show with WDVE.

Brown was previously fined $9,115 for wearing blue cleats during the Steelers’ Week 1 game.

Instead of having the league Brown him with a second-offense fine of $18,231, the referee just threatened him.