Antonio Brown is “feeling better” and “has a chance” to play – (News)

Antonio Brown is “feeling better” and “has a chance” to play –

The Steelers’ playoff hopes hinge on beating the Bengals, and getting help. They’re hoping that they’ll get help in beating the Bengals from star receiver Antonio Brown.

Although the Steelers reportedly aren’t optimistic about Brown’s ability to play with a knee injury, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Brown is “doing his best” to play, and that he’ll test the knee during pregame warmups. Per the source, Brown is “feeling better today” and “has a chance” to play.

At a minimum, the Steelers should consider using Brown as a decoy. Even if the Bengals figure out after a drive or two that Brown can’t do what he usually does, his presence (and the attention he attracts) could help the offense score a touchdown or two.

Then again, if the Steelers can’t beat the Bengals without Brown when the Bengals are playing for nothing and the Steelers are playing for everything, maybe the Steelers don’t deserve anything beyond the season ending today and everyone going home.