Anthony Smith: Former Raiders DE Convicted of 3 Counts Murder

Anthony Smith: Ex-Raiders defensive end guilty of three murders
Anthony Smith: Ex-Raiders defensive end guilty of three murders

Anthony Smith was found guilty of three murders in a Los Angeles County court on Thursday.

Anthony Smith was found guilty of killing brothers Kevin Nettles and Ricky Nettes in 1999. The brothers were shot and killed after being taken from a Los Angeles car wash.

Anthony Smith was also found guilty of the death of Dennis Henderson in 2001. Henderson was also kidnapped with another man in Los Angeles. Multiple gunmen were involved in that case, and the other man was let go, but Henderson was stabbed to death and later found in a rental car.

Anthony Smith was not convicted of killing Maurilio Ponce in 2008, and that case was declared a mistrial. Ponce was found along a California highway after being beaten and shot.

Anthony Smith had previously been tried for killing Ponce, but according to an Associated Press story there was a hung jury in April 2012 that couldn’t come to a decision after deadlocking at 8-4 in favor of a guilty verdict.

Sentencing for the 48-year-old Smith is set for Dec. 21.

Anthony Smith, the No. 11 overall pick out of Arizona in the 1990 NFL draft, was selected by the then-Los Angeles Raiders and played for the Raiders in L.A. and Oakland from 1991-97.

Anthony Smith had 57.5 sacks and 190 tackles in his NFL career. He retired in 1998.