Anna reveals child molester could be Pumpkin’s father – Watch

Anna reveals child molester could be Pumpkin's father - Watch

Anna Cardwell revealed in an interview with Dr. Drew that Mama June’s sex offender boyfriend might be her sister Pumpkin’s father. Anna explained that Pumpkin turned against her and defended Mama June amid backlash because she believes Mark McDaniel is her biological father.

The former reality TV star explains that Lauryn (better known as “Pumpkin”) has been turned against her because she thinks McDaniel is her dad. Pumpkin has been defending Shannon amid backlash.

Cardwell explains, “[McDaniel] was supposed to be [Pumpkin’s] so-called father, or whatever it is. Out of all the kids we have, Mama does not know who Pumpkin’s dad is. And Pumpkin thinks it’s Mark which kind of hurts my feelings, because Mama is making her believe that someone who did that to me is her father. Now Pumpkin hates me for it.”

The now-20-year-old Cardwell was molested by McDaniel when she was eight years old. McDaniel subsequently went to prison for 10 years, and then reunited with Shannon upon his release. Shannon insists they’re not dating, even though all evidence suggests they are. “I feel like Mama’s kind of covering it up for herself, after all of this happened,” Cardwell tells Dr. Drew. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.