Angry Indian bride marries guest after groom has seizure, Report

Angry Indian bride marries guest after groom has seizure, Report

An Bride Marries Guest After Groom Has Seizure at Wedding Ceremony, Jugal Kishore, 25, was brought to a doctor after falling to the ground in the middle of the ceremony in the northern town of Rampur. It turns out his 23-year-old bride Indira hadn’t known about Kishore’s medical condition and was not happy to have been kept in the dark.

According to the Times of India, Indira announced that she would be happy to marry wedding guest Harpal Singh, her sister’s brother-in-law.

Casually dressed in a leather jacket and jeans and presumably a bit surprised, Singh agreed and the ceremony continued.

And then Kishore returned – to find his bride had married someone else.
Kishore and his family reportedly pleaded with Indira to change her mind but she refused. And then a brawl broke out which involved plates and spoons being used as weapons.

Kishore’s family later filed a complaint at a local police station but it was withdrawn after elder relatives intervened, A police station official also said that several people had been detained at the wedding.

“Both families have amicably resolved the matter,” RP Solanki said.
“The complaints have been withdrawn. Kishore and his family have now returned in peace to Moradabad.”

Oh, to have been a guest at that wedding…