Angelina And Brad Fight : Details on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s blowout fight are really intense

Angelina And Brad Fight : Details on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's blowout fight are really intense

Brad And Angelina Have A Nasty Fight, according to In Touch, the couple was on a hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia on Nov. 17, having an argument. Photos from the magazine show the entire exchange.

Every couple, even married ones with children, fight once in a while. As some say, arguments spice up relationships, helping prevent couples fall into monotonous and flat existence. But if the said couple are celebrities, their every action is scrutinised by the public and the press, which means even a meaningless stiff smile would be interpreted unfavourably for the couple.

Brangelina didn’t escape such scrutiny. As Woman’s Day magazine reports, the parents of six were photographed on their Sydney hotel balcony hours before the “Unbroken” premiere on November 17. They appeared to be in some intense argument, with both seen throwing their hands in the air as sign of frustration or resignation more than one time.

Both were clutching cigarettes during their alleged argument. It could be just an intense discussion about mundane things, and both were just so into the discussion that they needed to make animated hand gestures. However, witnesses insisted to the magazine that they were indeed having a “blazing argument” which left Brad frustrated, and Angie upset and defeated.

The insiders added that the tension between the couple could be down to the Academy Award-winning actress’ hectic schedule in the past year. Their lively discussion, whatever that was about, apparently affected both of them so much that the tension didn’t leave them even during Angelina’s film premiere hours later.

As the magazine claimed, the two barely looked at each other in the Sydney event, and when they crossed paths and briefly hugged and kissed at one point, onlookers alleged that the exchange appeared “stiff.”

Brad and Angelina have been together since 2005, but just recently married in August in a romantic setting in France. With the photographs released, which some media call “explosive,” gossip rags speculate that divorce could already be looming over their perfectly knit marriage.