Andrew Wiggins dunked so hard that even Rudy Gobert didn’t try to block it “Watch”

Updated: March 29, 2016
Andrew Wiggins dunked so hard that even Rudy Gobert didn't try to block it - Watch

Andrew Wiggins dunked on Rudy Gobert so hard last season that he scarred the Jazz big man. This time around, Gobert didn’t even attempt to go for the block when the Timberwolves’ wing came barreling down the lane before taking off for a huge dunk.

Andrew Wiggins can flat-out fly over anyone and everyone. Any opponent of the Minnesota Timberwolves respect his hops to the point where if he gets the ball and drives down the lane, they will likely just give up instantly once he takes off near the hoop for a dunk. I mean, nobody likes to be posterized if they can control it.

On Saturday night against the Utah Jazz, Andrew Wiggins dribbled just once before the free throw line, and hopped right after the charity stripe to sky for a dunk. No one on the Jazz even bothered to contest it.

Andrew Wiggins is in his second year, and this crazy dunk may remind you of someone’s crazy dunking style during their second year in the league. Guess who?