Andrew Luck fired up teammates with halftime speech – (News)

Andrew Luck fired up teammates with halftime speech –

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck‘s not necessarily known for fiery demeanor and skills as an orator.

But Luck apparently blew his top at halftime yesterday, peeling the paint off the walls out of frustration at their lackluster play and 17-7 deficit, which would become a 28-27 win.

“Screaming and yelling, ‘This has got to be better,’” Colts coach Frank Reich said of Luck’s talk to the entire team, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “‘That was embarrassing. That was pathetic what we did out there in the first half.’”

The speech took long enough that the Colts were nearly late for the second half, with kicker Adam Vinatieri joking: “We had guys running straight from the tunnel and onto the field.”

But Luck felt like something needed to be said, and his teammates clearly responded.

“Passionate’s a good way to describe it,” Luck said. “What are the things we can improve? And I think we did improve. I think we did come out of that tunnel with a better mindset than we started the game.”

Luck delivered on his own words, and led the kind of comeback he has so many times in his career. Veteran left tackle Anthony Castonzo referred back to his rookie year, when Luck set a record with seven come-from-behind wins.

“This felt like a 2012 game,” Castonzo said. “Like, how did we win that?

“There’s just a feeling in this locker room and on this team. I can’t put my finger on it. But everybody believes in each other, and that matters so much every time we take the field.”

And if they didn’t believe it before, having Luck screaming at them certainly got their attention, as they’ve gone from 1-5 to a win away from the postseason.