Andrew Keegan : Former Teen Heartthrob Busted for Peddling Illegal Kombucha

Andrew Keegan : Former Teen Heartthrob Busted for Peddling Illegal Kombucha

Andrew Keegan says he was shocked that police busted a spiritual event last week where kombucha, a drink that contains small amounts of alcohol, was being sold.

Normally, we’d try to crack some jokes about this ridiculous story — but there isn’t a punch line in the world that’s funnier or more ridiculous than the facts.

Undercover cops with the Alcoholic Beverage Control in California seized containers of the drink during a fundraising event held at the group’s spiritual center in Venice, Calif., on Friday, May 8.

They issued a citation for selling alcohol without a license — an ABC agent tells local SoCal publication The Argonaut, “We’re a complaint-driven agency, so when someone notifies us about what might be an illegal activity, we respond to it.”

The 36-year-old cult leader actor wasn’t pleased with their decision.

“They may be a complaint-driven agency, but we’re an intention-driven organization and our intentions are pure,” Andrew said.

“Kombucha is something we’d never imagine to be an illegal substance, and it’s frustrating the system has that perspective. We’re certainly taking full responsibility for co-creating the event. We try to put our best foot forward. We wanted to raise money for [marine conservation nonprofit] Sea Shepherd as a community — that’s how Full Circle operates.”

For those of you who are far removed from Venice, former child stars and the ~sPiiRiiTuAl MoVeMeNt~ scene, Kombucha is an effervescent, Japanese drink made from fermented tea.

Kombucha Dog — the brand being sold at the fundraiser — has between .5 and 1 percent alcohol content.