Andrew Howard Brannan : Man executed for killing deputy

Andrew Howard Brannan : Man executed for killing deputy

Andrew Howard Brannan, 66, was put to death by lethal injection Tuesday night in the 1998 killing of a Laurens County Sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop. Brannan was convicted of shooting deputy Kyle Dinkheller nine times with a rifle.

“Andrew Howard Brannan suffered severe, debilitating mental illness as a result of his combat experiences whose symptoms continued to manifest up to the time of the crime,” said attorney Brian Kammer.

The Georgia Supreme Court reinstated his death sentence in 2008 and the US Supreme Court rejected his appeal last June.

A last-ditch effort was also rejected Tuesday evening.

A video footage recorded by the deputy’s patrol car video camera shows Andrew Howard Brannan shooting Dinkheller nine times on January 12, 1998 during a traffic stop.

“There was a direct connection between his service in Vietnam and the violence that he was exposed to there and the ultimate events that occurred here,” Brannan’s another attorney Joe Loveland said.

According to his lawyers, he had received Army commendations and a Bronze Star as one of the highest individual military awards.

Kammer argued that he was a courageous soldier who volunteered to fight for his country and did not deserve to be killed.