Andrew Getty oil heir found dead wrote of serious health problem

Andrew Getty oil heir found dead wrote of serious health problem

Andrew Getty, an heir to the Getty oil fortune said to be worth billions, appears to have died of natural causes or an accident inside his Hollywood Hills estate.

The 47-year-old heir had been suffering from serious gastrointestinal problems since 2013.

Celebrity website TMZ was today claiming Getty was also suffering from stress caused by the rift with his ex-girlfriend.

Court papers from the restraining order application said Ms DeJonge was putting him at “grave risk”.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene said they found him bleeding from a ‘traumatic injury to the rectal area’ and appeared to have a blunt-force injury possibly sustained in a fall.

Medication was found at the scene.

It is believed Getty had just told his Ms DeJonge he had been diagnosed with an aneurysm.

Investigating officers said they did not believe the death to be suspicious.

Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith said it was still “very, very early in the investigation” but added it did not “appear immediately to be a criminal act.”

County coroner’s assistant Chief Ed Winter said: “The tentative information that we do have is that he was not feeling good for the last couple months.”

He was due to go to a doctor’s appointment yesterday.

It is understood Lanessa DeJonge found Mr Getty’s body just after 2pm US time on Tuesday, although he had recently received a restraining order against her.

The medical examiner assigned to the case was expected to begin her investigation on yesterday afternoon, and an autopsy would be performed on Getty’s body today at the earliest.

Mr Getty’s parents Gordon and Ann released a statement asking for privacy at “this extremely difficult time”.

The 47-year-old’s death is the latest in a long list of tragedies to befall the family.