Anaconda Eaten Alive : This man was swallowed whole by an anaconda – Video

Updated: November 6, 2014
Anaconda Eaten Alive : This man was swallowed whole by an anaconda - Watch

In a television first a man is to be ‘eaten alive’ by an anaconda.

Wildlife expert, Paul Rosolie, will allow himself to be eaten by a snake for TV show, Eaten Alive, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

The channel has decided to cross the boundaries in order to offer sheer thrill to its loyal viewers as Paul Rosolie will turn into bait for a giant anaconda living in the swamps of the Amazon.

Before you jump to any conclusion, here is a brief synopsis from the popular infotainment channel.

“Naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie enters the belly of an anaconda in a custom-built snake-proof suit.”

Well, this suggests that Rosolie will come out alive and unharmed from the killer jaws of the huge snake as he will be wearing a protective suit.

However, it is unclear how he will manage to come out of the belly tunnel and whether the beast will survive the ordeal.

In one of his tweets, Rosolie mentioned that he will “never hurt a living thing” and people need to watch the show to believe it.

The programme is also receiving flak from viewers who feel that the show is an ‘unintelligent’ stunt that is doing nothing towards educating people about science and nature.

“This… is disgusting, probably harmful to the animal and does nothing for knowledge or scientific understanding… all this is sensationalism and furthering irrational fears,” one user wrote on the channel’s Facebook page.

“Discovery needs to have a good long look in the mirror. This is blatant animal cruelty. Your programmes lately have been unintelligent trash,” wrote another.

Earlier this week, Discovery scored the highest viewership record of 6.7 million with the live broadcast of Nik Wallenda’s blindfolded tightrope walk across skyscrapers.

The channel did something similar in 2013 with the live coverage of Felix Baumgartner’s daredevil skydive from the stratosphere.

Eaten Alive will air on 7 December on Discovery Channel.