American Sniper reviews : Bradley Cooper stars in new trailer

American Sniper reviews : Bradley Cooper stars in new trailer

‘American Sniper’ Reviews : The second trailer has landed online for American Sniper, Clint Eastwood’s war drama starring Bradley Cooper as US marksman Chris Kyle.

Jason Hall adapted Navy SEAL Kyle’s book, subtitled The Autobiography Of The Most Lethal Sniper In US Military. That recorded Kyle’s career as a Texas-born shooter who notched the highest number of recorded kills for an American.

But his dedication to his sights and his SEAL mates has an impact on his relationship with his wife (Sienna Miller), especially when he returns home to the States suffering what is eventually diagnosed as post traumatic stress disorder. And in a tragic twist, Kyle was killed at a shooting range by the traumatised fellow veteran who he and a friend were helping post-military service.

American Sniper will be out here on January 16.

  • Stephen Guy

    As an ex-Army sniper, I’m not too familiar with Naval sniper tactics. However, I can say, despite the ‘legitimacy’ placed upon the profession in modern warfare, that the concept of ambushing an unsuspecting target is about as honorable a deed as someone pushing the doomsday button. Perhaps, this is why I eventually transferred to a recon platoon. Back then, I never considered a sniper a real soldier. But in hindsight, the entire concept of killing for our government because they say its ok is no more or less honorable. No wonder we all have PTSD!