Amari Cooper knows cost of late season injuries, but “it’s football” – (News)

Amari Cooper knows cost of late season injuries, but “it’s football” –

The word out of Dallas this week is that the Cowboys won’t be sitting healthy regulars for their game against the Giants despite the fact that they can’t move from the No. 4 seed in the NFC regardless of the result.

That’s led to some head scratching from outside the team because of the potential for an injury that would affect the team’s chances of advancing in the playoffs. One member of the team has first-hand experience on that front.

Wide receiver Amari Cooper was with the Raiders in 2016 when quarterback Derek Carr broke his leg in the team’s 15th game of the season. The Raiders finished the year 12-4, but got bounced from the playoffs when Connor Cook threw three interceptions in a loss to the Texans.

Cooper called that experience “kind of bleak,” but he doesn’t disagree with the approach the Cowboys are taking.

“It’s football,” Cooper said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You have a 99 percent chance of getting hurt anytime you go out there on the field. It’s just a question of when are you going to get hurt.”

It remains to be seen exactly how the Cowboys will handle Sunday’s game and playing starters doesn’t mean they will be in for the entire proceedings, but going with the first team will surely be second guessed if a key player goes down against the Giants.