Amanda Knox faces extradition – Exclusive interview ‘Watch’

Amanda Knox faces extradition - Exclusive interview

Amanda Knox could face extradition to Italy if highest court upholds murder conviction over killing of Meredith Kercher next week

A member of the jury which re-convicted Amanda Knox of murder last year has spoken out about the case – saying she now has “grave doubts” about the part she played in Meredith Kercher’s death.

Genny Ballerini was part of a panel of judges that reinstated Knox’s murder conviction seven years after the 2007 killing.

But now she has criticised the prosecution’s case, claiming it contained “questionable proof, flimsy evidence and bizarre testimony”.

Meredith was found half naked and with her throat slit in the cottage she shared with Knox in Perugia, Italy, but while Knox and her then boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito served four years for the killing, they were freed on appeal in 2011.

An appeal court reinstated the original convictions last year, while Rudy Guede was also convicted and is serving 16 years for the murder. Italy’s highest court is to hear Knox and Sollecito’s final appeal next week, but if they fail Knox could be extradited from America back to Italy.

However, Ballerini has cast new doubts on the case, and she said: “I certainly had many doubts about the guilt of the two young people. I was not convinced of their innocence.”

She also says the pair faced an “unfair” trial and that there was an “atmosphere of guilt” before proceedings even began.

It seems this case is far from over yet…

  • flyonthewall

    Leave the girl alone…..She spent 4 yrs in prison for a crime she didn’t commit or at best a crime that badly needed a suspect arrested tried and convicted. I feel so bad for Knox… She is Italys scapegoat in the murder…Are they so inept at police work that they can’t find the real murder(s)?? This is an asinine situation that needs to end…soon.

    • Saratogolfer

      How the hell do you know she’s really innocent?

      • joeyman9

        You would have to review the case to fully understand why no conviction is valid for her. She was not even near the murder scene at the time of the murder and the police waited days before gathering evidence from the crime scene.

      • flyonthewall

        How the hell do u know she is really guilty???

      • Laramie F.

        If they had caught Rudy Guede a few year’s later rather than a few weeks, everyone would be convinced of her innocence. He left his DNA inside the victim and all over the victim’s room. They found nothing from Knox and an absurdly small amount from Sollecito.

        Instead, Guede was able to privately make a deal and will be out on the streets in as little as a year. I won’t be surprised if he makes the news again.

      • DiaKristy

        READ! OBSERVE! USE YOUR HEAD! Amanda was in Italy only 41 days before this tragedy happened. She and her friends and roommates, family, employer, professors and fellow students can attest to where she was and what she did every single day!