Alexander Bok : Black Man Filming Video for Ellen Gets Assaulted By NYPD

Updated: December 31, 2014
Alexander Bok : Black Man Filming Video for Ellen Gets Assaulted By NYPD

Alexander BOK was just filming a goofy prank for Ellen DeGeneres‘s Dance Dare, in which people are supposed to film themselves dancing behind unsuspecting standers-by. Unfortunately, he started dancing behind some NYPD officers, and it happened to be four days after two cops were assassinated by a gunman.

“What’s wrong with you, bro?” the officer asks BOK, noted

Alexander BOK explains that he is “just dancing,” which elicits anger from the officer who is joined by some other cops who push BOK against a NYPD van.

“Are you f—— kidding me, bro?” adds the officer. “Are you a f—— a——-?”

At the end of the video, one of the officers appears to push Alexander BOK onto the street.

Several viewers were rather disturbed when Bok is called a “f*cking a$$hole” before being pushed to the ground by authorities:

natalie amora: “Sorry that happened to you.. You need to edit the video beginning with the police and let it go viral so everyone can see how disgusting some cops are… This is the reason why protests are going on.”

Allison Eigenbrod: “Ya know i was laughing so hard untill the police part. It doesn’t surprise that they did this. They are nothing but a vulgar gang and sadly they can legally carry guns. I hope your leg is ok. I have weak bones and something like that would have definitely caused my leg to break. That was extremely uncalled for and disturbing.”

2dogarage: “So how tone-deaf do you have to be not to know not to mess with the NYPD right about now?”

Matthew Bannock: “Fun video of a guy having a good time… until that end, seriously wow.”

Pamplemouss Audrey: “I’m so sorry it happened to you. That was really funny until… I hope that Ellen can sees it! Really. Someone as strong as her could help. I understand that NYC cops are really stressed right now but it’s not a reason to act like this… Love the video tho!”