Alex Rodriguez Admits to Using Steroids – Watch

Updated: November 10, 2014
Alex Rodriguez Admits to Using Steroids

Alex Rodriguez confirmed, according to the Miami Herald, reports in the media that he paid fake Florida doctor Anthony Bosch $12,000 a month for steroid cream, edible testosterone ‘gummies,’ and human growth hormone injections.

After years of public denials, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday that the Yankees slugger admitted to using steroids in January. According to the Herald, Rodriguez met with DEA officials in a Weston, Fla., conference and told them everything.

“Yes, he bought performance-enhancing drugs from Biogenesis of America, paying roughly $12,000 a month to Anthony Bosch, the fake doctor who owned the clinic. Yes, Bosch gave him pre-filled syringes for hormone injections into the ballplayer’s stomach, and even drew blood from him in the men’s room of a South Beach nightclub. And yes, the ballplayer’s cousin, Yuri Sucart, was his steroid go-fer.

The Herald reviewed 15 pages of documents from A-Rods’s meeting with the DEA to come to those conclusions. Rodriguez has finished serving his 162-game suspension from Major League Baseball, leveled by the league, along with suspensions to 14 other players, for his connections to the Biogenesis clinic. Rodriguez was one of nine players to which prosecutors granted immunity.

The report goes into detail about how Rodriguez, “injected the HGH into his stomach,” writes the Herald. It also elaborates on how A-Rod got around baseball’s drug tests.

The 39-year-old Rodriguez is still owed $61 million by the Yankees.