‘Alex from Target’ tells Ellen he can’t dance – Watch

'Alex from Target' tells Ellen he can't dance - Watch

‘Alex from Target’ has recently shot to fame on the Internet because of his good looks. The 16-year-old guy who works at a Target store in Dallas, Texas as a cashier/bagger is reportedly getting offers from Hollywood.

An employee from Target has turned into an overnight internet sensation, spawning hundreds of memes on Twitter and giving him thousands of admiring followers.

It’s unclear how or why exactly the tweet took off but within hours it was retweeted and favorited thousands of times. By Tuesday, Alex’s own Twitter account had been discovered by the masses, and he went from 144 followers to more than half a million. Countless memes, Vines and more flooded the Internet, with teenage girls especially noting how cute he is.

The story got stranger on Tuesday when a marketing company, Breakr, claimed responsibility for helping the story go viral. On Wednesday, LaBeouf tweeted that he and his family had nothing to do with Breakr, and the original person who tweeted his photo denied any involvement. Target has also denied that the company somehow orchestrated the teen’s sudden fame, and LaBeouf on Wednesday told Extra that he is still working at Target.

No matter where his fame came from (will anyone ever solve this mystery?), LaBeouf appears to be taking it in his stride. On Tuesday, he taped a segment for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she asked him if he had any other talents. His answer: “I can apparently bag groceries pretty well.”

  • Nonscpo

    I love the double standard in life that if a man takes a picture of a teenage girl he’s automatically a creep and a pedophile, however if a woman takes a picture of a teenage boy she’s committed no wrongdoing and that he should be gratefull to her. Either there both right or there both wrong, and quite frankly if you take a picture without someones consent that mean there both wrong!

    • K. Mike Kearnes

      Actually in Germany, its 100% illegal and a pretty serious crime to video tape or other capture a person’s picture/image without their content. In fact, you can’t even have a teleconference with somebody unless that person has special software running on their machine that blurs out background faces.

      Meanwhile in the US, we get people like this: http://reframe.gizmodo.com/watch-street-photographys-favorite-asshole-bruce-gilde-1630056249

      I do agree with your first statement as well regarding the differences in men and women – men are quickly labeled as creeps, women much less likely so.