Al Roker: NBC weather forecaster apologizes for ‘insensitive’ South Carolina flood selfie

Updated: October 7, 2015
Al Roker: NBC weather forecaster apologizes for 'insensitive' South Carolina flood selfie

Al Roker gets lambasted for tweeting a smiley selfie in South Carolina flood zone.

South Carolina has been hit with unprecedented storms over the last few days, with historic rainfall washing out roads, destroying homes and businesses, and putting countless lives in jeopardy. Like many weather reporters, Roker is in South Carolina to cover the natural disaster from the frontlines. But he seemed a little too cheerful in one tweet on Sunday.

The “Today” weather anchor posted a photo of himself and two colleagues smiling in their rain gear. While that may seem innocuous, behind them was a partially-destroyed road with a damaged car stuck on the collapsed pavement. “My crew and I getting ready to report on East Coast flooding from S. Carolina on @NBCNightlyNews with Kate Snow,” Roker wrote in the tweet.

The juxtaposition, not to mention the gravity of the situation as a whole, struck many as insensitive, and Roker ultimately deleted the post. He went on to write, “Absolutely correct. I apologize for being insensitive. The woman in that car got out without injury. We Should not have been in the picture. We came down to report and I offended those who lost so much. I am sorry.”

He also replied to a number of concerned followers, admitting to one, “I should know better. Got caught up in a moment of camaraderie without thinking about surroundings. It’s my mistake.” Roker further called himself “dumb,” and said he was “angry” over his actions. He also acknowledged that even though he deleted the picture, “Damage is done and hate to have offended people.”