Aksana Kuzmitskaya Spy : Landlord spies on tenant with hidden cameras

Updated: November 7, 2014
Aksana Kuzmitskaya Spy : Landlord spies on tenant with hidden cameras

Aksana Kuzmitskaya of Manhattan’s Upper West Side lived through every tenant’s nightmare according to a lawsuit alleging that her landlord installed webcams in her apartment, then used them to spy on her showering, going to the bathroom, and having sex.

Kuzmitskaya alleges that she caught Kadoch, 48, when he accidentally snapped a picture of himself adjusting one of the hidden cameras. The picture is also used as evidence to indict him on criminal charges.

According to the the Manhattan civil suit, Kadoch gave Kuzmitskaya room and board in exchange for cleaning his nine-unit brownstone at 7 W. 82nd Street.

The Post reports that over the summer the maid, who is a computer-science graduate student from Belarus, noticed a lens embedded in her bathroom clock and called the police.

Kuzmitskaya found a USB drive inside the clock, with more than 70 images of her “in intimate and private acts . . . using the bathroom, in her underwear, naked, and in the act of showering,” according to the suit, as well as “engaged in a sexually explicit act.”

One of the images, it turned out, was of Kadoch “installing the camera within the digital clock.”

Kuzmitskaya testified before a grand jury that indicted Kadoch on 10 felony counts of unlawful surveillance.

Her attorney told the Post that she is “distraught, upset, ashamed and sick” following the invasion of her privacy. She moved out in December, after Kadoch, and his brother, Michel Kadoe, 55, urged her to continue living in their building as her compensation.

The wireless recordings connected directly to both Kadoe’s and Kadoch’s laptops, according to the suit.