AJ Lee Retires from WWE : Former Divas champion retires from in-ring competition, Joining Husband CM Punk

AJ Lee Retires from WWE : WWE Diva retires from in-ring competition, Joining Husband CM Punk

AJ Lee retires less than a week after ‘WrestleMania 31’ match. “A.J. Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE,” the company says in a statement. “We wish A.J. the very best.”

AJ Lee was recently shown during Wrestlemania 31 where she teamed-up with Paige against the Bella Twins; scoring the victory.

However, WWE fans are well aware of the drift between AJ Lee and the WWE growing over the months. Recent reports had Stephanie McMahon ‘furious’ over AJ Lee’s tweets about how the company pays the Divas but Steph and the WWE saved face by acknowledging AJ’s grievances.

There’s also the CM Punk saga against the WWE. CM Punk, former world heavyweight champion for the WWE, left the company after disagreeing with the company’s direction. Punk has since joined UFC and has started writing — small time — for Marvel Comics.

But CM Punk and AJ Lee met while working for the WWE and are now married. Since Punk left the company, whenever AJ is in-ring the crowd chants for her beau’s name as a jab to the McMahon’s for letting one of its best wrestler’s leave.

While not much information was given for AJ Lee’s departure from the WWE, it’s known that AJ is possibly writing a book about her childhood.

Whether she has decided to retire from the WWE to work on her writing career is yet unknown and we will update as soon as AJ Lee gives a reason.