Airline Brings Passengers To Tears “Watch”: Heartwarming airline stunt brings passengers to tears

Updated: November 27, 2014
Airline Brings Passengers To Tears : Heartwarming airline stunt brings passengers to tears

Airline brings passengers to tears with special headrest covers, Sad goodbyes combined with heady excitement of new adventures, a trip to the airport can often be a minefield of mixed emotions as any traveller would know.

After scouring the departures terminal for teary goodbyes, KLM staff took friends and relatives aside and invited them to write a final surprise message that would be attached to flyers’ seatbacks.

In a race against time, airline and airport staff at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport hurried to the aircraft and affixed the greeting to the right seats.
When flyers boarded the flight, they were greeted with personalized messages from sisters and grandparents that reduced many passengers to tears.

It’s the latest stunt from KLM to try to appeal to consumers’ mushy side — only this time, the stunt was real.

This past fall, the airline punked media and consumers alike in a video that went viral thanks to an adorable beagle named Sherlock. The plucky little dog was pitched as the airline’s newest lost and found officer, returning forgotten items onboard to their rightful owner.

It was later revealed that the video was just a marketing ploy.
But the all-time favorite tear-jerking airline stunt has to go to Canadian low-budget carrier WestJet, which last year made the Christmas wishes of a plane full of unsuspecting flyers come true.

After telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas — a choo-choo train, big-screen TV, tablet, camera etc. — passengers boarded their flight none the wiser.

In the meantime, a guerilla team of WestJet staff frantically jotted down everyone’s wish list and dashed to a nearby retailer to make dreams come true.

When the passengers arrived at a festooned baggage carrousel in Calgary, out came a convoy of personalized, gift-wrapped presents for the flyers.