Affleck’s new flame over the years

Affleck's new flame over the years

Ben Affleck’s burgeoning romance with radio sales executive Enza Sambataro is going so well the pretty brunette is telling friends “it’s love,” reports

The new couple have been separated as work commitments and poker competitions keep the Jersey Girl star away from his native Massachusetts, where Sambataro works and lives.

Affleck met 26-year-old Sambataro on May 26 at a Boston Red Sox baseball game and went on a string of dates over the next few weeks.

A friend of Sambataro tells local gossip columnists Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa – who have dubbed the new pair Benza: “She is in love. Actually, it’s more than love. It’s looooooove.”

Despite her strong feelings, Sambataro is “really happy” with the long-distance romance and declined Affleck’s invitation to join him in Los Angeles for the California State Poker Championship at which Affleck won more than $US350,000 ($500,680).