Achilles Williams : Popular Personal Trainer Travis “Achilles” Williams Killed While Filming on Train Tracks – Watch

Achilles Williams : Popular Personal Trainer Travis "Achilles" Williams Killed While Filming on Train Tracks - Watch

Achilles Williams, a Popular fitness guru has been fatally struck by a train while making a YouTube exercise video.

Williams, who had changed his name to Achilles Williams, was a personal trainer who often videotaped outdoor workouts for his YouTube channel. Investigators say Williams and a friend were shooting a video near the train tracks over Roxboro Road near East Paces Ferry at the time of the accident. Williams was jumping rope while the friend shot video.

Investigators say Williams was not on the tracks, but was close enough to them to be struck as the freight train went by. They say he apparently misjudged the width of the train in relation to the size of the tracks. His friend was not injured but he was knocked down a hill by the impact.

Friends and loved ones have been posting memories of Williams on Instagramand Twittersince the accident.

They are planning a memorial service and have set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses and to help support his 6-year-old daughter. Those who want to share photos on the 11Alive Photo Gallery, Remembering Achilles William, can tweet them using the hashtag #RIPAchilles.

  • Twisted Buckeye

    I sometimes wonder how people with this type of judgement make it to adult age.
    Life is so precious: I don’t get why people put themselves in harms way. trains kill…. Didn’t some other “fitness” guy die the same way a short while ago?

  • infinity396

    This is the second Personal Trainer killed on Train Tracks this year, maybe it’s time for them to learn that filming on Train tracks without clearance/notification of the owner of said tracks is not a real good idea..


    AGAIN !!!!!!

    • bob goldbergstein

      Are they now gonna outlaw all trains cause they kill? They say guns kill.This proves that peoples choices kill.If you get too close to a train you die.If you pull a trigger on a gun someone dies.I rest my case folks.Im done here. BOOOOOOM!!!!!!

      • VELS14

        Leave it to a jerk to equate a mode of transportation that hauls people and freight efficiently, swiftly, and economically, to something that has a single purpose, to kill another human being.

        You’re more than done here. You’ve turned your back on humanity.

      • vaporwire

        Yeah, equate a train to a gun whose sole purpose is to kill. Calling you dumb would be the understatement of the year, NRAtard.

        • Viktor Drago

          the gun was created to make everyone equal

  • Dave

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  • Patrick Frank Perry

    Sad and tragic but so preventable. Maybe the selfie generation needs to focus more on their surroundings instead of their over inflated egos. A movie crew filming for Greg Allman bio movie sets up and gets struck by a train. No one checked the train schedule? The fitness guru should have been a yoga guru, at least a yoga guru is focused and balanced and in harmony with his surroundings. You by a train track? Look out! Here come da’ train!

  • Buildyourbody Cammie King

    STUPID!!!!! I’m sorry, if you are not smart enough to move away when a train is coming, then you are going to deal with the consequences!!! Trains make their presence known to the world, it’ s not like it snuck up from behind and surprised you. Sorry for his loss, but it could’ve been prevented.

  • Thomas Taylor

    He thought he was Superman.

  • Allison Shaw

    Why are people even near the tracks? All railroad tracks and the land to either side for 30-50 feet belong to the railroads and are private property. In fact trespassing on railroad property is actually a federal offense. It’s a dangerous place to be.

  • Viktor Drago

    apparently all the steroids and growth hormone he was doing deteriorated his common sense

  • Viktor Drago

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  • Viktor Drago

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